Team Member Name and Goal:
Celine Dunlap (representative from Newman Grove Design Team (Parker Wallin & Joe O'Brien)) and Michele Schmidt -Start checking out our wiki we have created at

With our teacher's having been provided iPods for their classrooms and expected to incorporate this technology into their classrooms, they are in need of help finding applications and ways to use them in their classrooms. Our goal is to start a list of apps (starting with the free apps) that a teacher could refer to when they needed an app. This list would include the name of the app, the cost of the app, where to get the app, what device it is built for (iPod, iPad, etc.), the subject and grade level, and our recomendation. We would plan to continue to add to this list in future years.

Once we have this list compiled and distributed (we plan to distribute through a wiki) to the teachers, we hope to assist in inservice training when it is provided. This will provide a better instructor to student ratio (the design team being the instructors and our staff being the students.)

Brian Fanta and Mackenzie Rettig (Niobrara)
We are going to introduce the iPod to the middle school grades 6-8. The sped department has additional iPods that we can also use. Another goal is to train our sped department and paras on the use of iPods and downloading apps. After the introduction period we are going to download apps that can be used in the sped department for supplemental help. We are going to try to use any free apps we can.

Dawn and Mitch Erickson (Wheeler Central):
We are going to create career videos using our local patrons. I will use the iMovies with my K-6 counseling lessons later this spring. If all goes well, I will have my elementary students then create movies of workers around our school.

Marilyn Whitaker, Jane Dexter, and Michael Tomjack (Chambers);
Each department in our school had to set a goal to work on this semester. Our Career & Tech goal was to do more with careers. Since we already had that goal, we will use our iPod to enhance our teaching in that area. We will see what is available for apps that relate to career assessments, interviewing, career information, etc.

Devin Muirhead, Ian Hoffman (Valentine):
We are going to work towards two goals, the first being research and discovery of apps that can be used in real world applications in building construction. The second goal we would look at the possibly of creating an app for our school in terms of lunch, calendar, announcements etc. that any student could download and use in our school.

Annette Rasmussen & Kori Witt (Wayne)
Our goal is to teach a lesson/unit to middle school computer applications class utilizing the ipods (ours and theirs) but especially to demonstrate the ipod is much more than music and games. One area we are going to focus on is facetime where Kori and classmates from the high school will talk to my students in the middle school. We would also like to create a list/presentation we could give to the faculty and/or school board to promote the use of ipods or ipads in the classroom. 

Suzette McCarthy & Laikyn Libby (Ponca)
Our goal is to help teachers make better use of technology in the classroom. Our project will be a demonstration of the educational uses of the Ipod which will be presented to faculty at an inservice on March 11. We will also use this presentation to ask for funding for Ipods for teachers from the Ponca Community Education Foundation.

Marcy Roeber and Sammy Sullivan (Allen)
The commons area of our school is the first place people coming into our building are. People new to our school do not know where to go from this point. This year we installed a TV in this area to run announcements; after doing the videos Sammy wanted to make a video announcement prompting our new FCA club. After discussing this with our principal he said this as a good idea and also would like for us to do videos to help the public know how to proceed once they are inside our building.

Tim Olin (Pender) We are going to use the ipod in various elementary classrooms. I will show them some of the activities they can use it for but I expect them to do some teaching me and the teachers of what the ipod can be used for and how it can benefit their learning.

Lori McKenney & Tanna Wenger (Keya Paha Co High - Springview)
Since both of our students that attended the workshop are in my Accounting Class, we will be looking for Apps that can help us in our financial lives. We also plan to make some videos to go along with each section of a chapter in our Accounting book. I have another section of Accounting that just started in January, so we can use some of the videos to explain concepts for that class as well. Having two teams from our school, we would also like to collaborate on some kind of video project.

Janet Rood& Lisa Henseleit (Elkhorn Valley)
We hope to use the app InDaisy to download novels and textbooks from Bookshare is a site that Special Education Departments can download books for free. The goal is that the students will be able to have the IPOD read to them. We hope to be able to do this for the special education students in the elementary and the high school.

Chad Kment with Nicole sorensen and Morgan Hall (Plainview)--- we are going to use the ipod in conjuction with google docs to creat 2 apps. the first will be usedin my shop classes to take daily work grades, the second will be used by the FFA chapter at all of our events to help us keep track of who is at what events.

we also decided to use the ipod this week during FFA week we will be taking pictures of the various activities and posting them live to face book (as the ipod is one of the only things that can still access facebook in our school) so that community members and alumni that havejoined the Plainview FFA group, or ar friends with Plainview FFA can see what we have going on. we are also going to be posting a video each day of our FFA trivia question for people to answer.