FOODUCATE: App that scans barcodes and rates food. Grades are given on food products. FREE

MIRROR: App used to check on appearance. "Teacher Survilance" FREE

OVERDRIVE MEDIA: Used to download/check out books from local libraries. 3 week checkout time. FREE

FLASHCARDS: App used for practicing math facts. FREE

SIGN LANGUAGE: App used for teaching sign language

WORD LENS: Using the camera feature, can hold up to a sign and it will translate to selected language. PURCHASE REQUIREMENT *will flip back and forth...can be an issue

KOBO: eReader App...can purchase or get free books. FREE

COUNTING COINS: App for learning how to use money. FREE

FREE APP TRACKER: Keeps track of free apps available for download. FREE

ALARM CLOCK: App working as a timer. FREE

**Google Docs used with iPods.

DRAGON DICTATION: Speech recognition app for capturing conversation and converting it into text. FREE

GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Takes written and/or spoken text and translates into selected languages in written or verbal form. FREE

PORTAPOET: Assists in writing poems...helps in finding rhyming words. FREE

Panorama 360 -- 360 degree photographs; save, email, upload to Facebook. $1.99

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